Experienced Attorneys Handling International Family Law Cases

International family cases often present challenges that go far beyond identifying the applicable law. They involve people with different cultural and religious traditions, they involve desperate parents that want to live with their children cannot agree as to where, and they may involve community assets that are spread across the world. To complicate things further, the laws to end marriages or to determine a child custody schedule are not always homogeneous and, in fact, differ sometimes quite significantly.

What Lawyer Skillset Is Required to Handle an International Custody Case?

International custody cases require a reasoned and careful approach that seeks consistency with the laws and procedures of relevant jurisdictions to best achieve a client’s goals.  Indeed, international custody cases implicate a complex set of differing countries’ laws, languages, and customs.  An international custody attorney must analyze the applicable countries’ laws and procedures in relation to personal and subject matter jurisdiction, spousal and child support, child custody, citizenship and residency, prenuptial agreements and personal, and real property valuation and division.

The Oberheiden, P.C. is well-positioned to handle complex cross-border cases involving issues of foreign and U.S. federal law.  We have significant experience with all major legal systems, among them the laws of the United States, Brazil, Spanish-speaking South America, and continental Europe.  We are fluent in multiple languages, which enables us to advise many of our clients in their native language.  Please contact Dr. Nick Oberheiden at 202-810-LAW1.