At the ground of each international case lay two fundamental questions:

(a) which court has jurisdiction; and (b) what law will apply. The answers to both questions will greatly impact outcomes.

For example, if you are a resident of Texas and your spouse attempts to file for divorce in his/her native country Brazil, it does make a huge difference if the case takes place in Texas or in Brazil. Similarly, the rules on child custody, child support, and spousal maintenance differ significantly within and outside the United States. Good advice is key.

Divorce lawyers who handle cases internationally must be well acquainted with family and divorce laws in many regions. Each legal system has requirements which must be met when filing for divorce and ongoing support whether it is for a minor child or a spouse. You need a divorce attorney who is well prepared to fight for you and the best interest of your family on an international platform.

Many divorce and family lawyers claim expertise in international law. Truth is, few have ever handled a multi-state or an international case. Even fewer have ever stood in front of an international tribunal, served as international experts, or argued before a foreign judge. Our International divorce attorneys are true experts. We have actually handled international cases spanning jurisdictions and legal systems across the world. We are globally trained and hold law degrees from all major legal systems. Additionally, unlike most other international divorce lawyers, we speak the native language of the judges and governments that will ultimately decide your child’s case. We have a long and successful history of negotiations with diplomats, foreign governments, and foreign lawyers, federal prosecutors, and judges.

When your child is in danger of being abducted, when you need to secure foreign assets, when property is located outside the United States, you need to rely on legal counsel that can put the domestic and foreign pieces together. If your child is important to you, speak to us.